Our Story
We are an indie publishing company that was founded in 2019. However, before that, we were just a group of people (kids) who enjoy each other’s company using board games as our medium.  It all began with (what we call a company now was once were just) a series of late-night/early-morning game nights where we played our butts off until sunrise! We bought and played board game after board game. We know there are a million board games out there available for us to enjoy and include in our collections. However, we became problematic when our circle became bigger because even though it was “YES!” more fun and challenging, it forced us to become selective with what we played.

We needed to find board games that are not too complex and will accommodate most players. From there we started creating our own game through pieces of paper/cardboard and made use of self-crafted components/meeples for our self-invented game. It was a lot of fun! One day, this question was uttered: WHY DON’T WE ACTUALLY CREATE A BOARD GAME FOR EVERYONE TO ENJOY? After a year and a half and a lot of “what ifs”, coffee, energy, brainstorming, debating, and happenings, Neon MU Games LLC was born along with our very first game, YOU: SUPERPOWERED.