About The Game

A mysterious meteorite has given YOU and your closest friends and family members amazing new gifts: SUPERPOWERS! 


Together, you have all agreed to move to Superb City to fight crime and protect its citizens under the new Superhero Code. Using your newfound superpowers, nearby objects, and your real-life knowledge and creativity, you and your team of aspiring superheroes must overcome obstacles to avert crises and keep Superb City safe! 


But beware...with super powers come super corruptibility. Some on your team may just be biding their time before they reveal their true sinister selves. Be mindful of those closest to you who know all your deepest fears and weaknesses; they may just use those secrets against you….

Quick Overview
Game Contents:
  • ​8 Secret Identity Cards

  • 8 Secret Weakness Cards

  • 16 Superpower Cards

  • 12 Objects & Weaknesses Cards

  • 54 Crisis Cards

  • 6 Judging Cards

  • 1 Mission Hero Badge with Mission Hero Guide

  • 1 Mission Sidekick Badge with Mission Sidekick Guide and Superhero Code

  • ​​1 Hero Leader Badge with End Game Guide

  • 1 Villain Leader Badge with End Game Guide

  • 1 Die

  • 1 Sand Timer

  • 7 Mission Markers

  • 14 Crisis Markers

  • 8 Player Tokens

  • 1 Scoreboard

  • 1 Rulebook

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YS Set Up photo.png